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Best lip balms are always made of carnauba wax


We live in the Organic era, when harmful chemical ingredients are being replaced with natural ingredients. Here are 5 facts about carnauba wax that make it the best replacement for harmful lanolin in lip balms.
1. Carnauba wax is not sticky. So, your hair would not stick to your lips on windy days.
2. Good news! You can forget about red pimples around your month. Most of them are triggered by lipsticks and lip balms with lanolin. Carnauba wax is non comodogenic (does not clog pores), that means that it can not be a cause of acne.
3. You can eat with carnauba wax-based lip balm on your lips – carnauba wax does not bring any harmful thing to you stomach. In fact, you can eat you lip balm as if you ate candies and fruits, because carnauba wax is so harmless that it is used for gazing sweets.
4. You can wear your lip balm based on carnauba wax on hot days, it would not melt. Carnauba wax`s melting point is 82–86 °C. Unless heat reaches this point, your lips remain perfect.
5. Carnauba wax only amps up natural freshness and shimmer of your lips without making them artificially glossy.

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